Art class for Kids

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    How we do

    Keep it simple: Children have short attention spans, so the lessons are simple and straightforward. Focus on basic techniques and let them build upon those skills as they progress.

    Make it fun: Children are more likely to enjoy and engage in a class that is fun and engaging. Incorporate games and interactive activities to make the learning experience enjoyable.

    Provide positive feedback: Encourage children to express themselves and provide positive feedback on their work. This will boost their confidence and motivate them to continue creating.

    Emphasize creativity: Encourage children to experiment with different materials and techniques. Focus on fostering their imagination rather than trying to create perfect works of art.

    Lesson Includes

    • Basic drawing techniques: Teach children how to draw basic shapes and lines, and then encourage them to create their drawings using those techniques.
    • Color exploration: Have children experiment with different color combinations and explore how colors can be used to express emotions and moods.
    • Painting techniques: Introduce children to different painting techniques, such as watercolor, and acrylic, and let them experiment with each medium.

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